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Helene Daniels
"The details are not the details.
They make the design"

- Charles Eames - 

         Jewelry is an expression of my creative muse. I work in many design fields but the fabrication of jewelry includes elements of design with elemental forces of fire and metal. This combination is dynamic, exciting. 

I want my pieces to convey a sense of this excitement, plus harmony and style.

         Each piece begins with exploration of form and design. Sketches and paper models are made to work out design and functional elements. By combining metals of different colors and textures, a sense of depth and interest is created.

         By exploring classical forms inherent in the Golden Section and the Fibonacci sequence (Phi),  classical relationships convey a sense of harmony and balance in the work. Ideally each finished piece will evoke the philosophy of calm serenity in recognition that our harmony resides within.

         I have had the most wonderful teachers: Theresa Lovering-Brown, Carol Holaday, Jerry Blanchard, José Santana, Megan Corwin, Arline Fisch, Jeff Georgeantes, Charles Lewton Brain, Diane Faulkenhagen, Peter Partch, Angela Gleason, Linda Watson, Harold O'Connor  and Davide Bigazzi. I thank you all.

                                                         I am a member of the Monterey Bay Metal Arts Guild.

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